Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Paper sketches of our Digi-pak

Before we could create our digi-pak we had to sketch a few ideas out.

Drawing them out would have helped out group in trying to image the end product:


We discussed the shot to be a clip from the video (the scene where Louise or Lucy are in the graveyard). This alone would be a powerful image if the framing was perfect and the editing of the picture created a sense of eeirness like we wanted it to.

This shot we imagined it as Louise sitting in the corner of the room surrounded by candles. That in itself if the framing was once again perfect would be a fantastic imagery for the inside of the Digi-pak.


We wanted this as simple as possible, this shot of Louise holding the glass of blood shows a clear link to the words of the lyrics "we felt the blood stop" and also the picture itself lures the audience in wanting to see the video.

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