Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Evalution (THREE)

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?


From the feedback we received from our rough cut, the general conclusion was that many people found the visual too repetitive and predictable.

Another major criticism was the fact that half of the clips were in colour and half were in black and white this lost the audiences attention and some even said it did not look professional. Talking about the desaturation of clips, others pointed out the forest scene where she runs through, uses harsh tones (black and white) whereas other clips like the one in the picture above is only lightly grey scale.

After using colouring corrector and altering the tones of darkness we came to agreement that we preferred the video when all the scenes were harsh black and white tones. So I altered each clips individually changing the saturation and the black and white in the tabs underneath the two coloured wheels.

Scenes where there where "blood" in the rough cut where black. This decrease the emphasise the feeling of super-naturalness so by using the chroma key we altered a black and white clip and put a "sin city" effect on it. This made the red stand and adding emphasise to the blood, drawing attention to it.

The biggest problem we had facing us was that the audience began to get restless whilst watching. The only way to solve this was to film more diverse footage with more close-ups grabbing the audiences attention. That's exactly what we did, we went out again to re-film certain shots again, this time I made sure the framing whilst filming was tighter and I tried to shoot more close-ups, however I still do feel, watching the final video, that we do not have enough close-ups and so if we did have enough time i would add a few more close-ups to the video.
It was commented that the editing was "lazily" put together so I went threw each clip counting with the beat (every 4) making sure each clips went with the beat, if one particular shot was off by less then a second I would be able to realise because firstly it didn't fit into the count of 4's i was doing and also once changing to the beat it looked flawless.

I believe that the criticism on our "lazy" editing really benefited us as when changing it and placing it on the beat it showed me a huge difference and it made the video look more professional.


After editing our rough cut we posted out, what we thought, was our final cut on face book. After posting it we soon began to get feedback. We realised after reading the comments there was still room for improvements on the video. Even though we thought that this was the final cut and got extremely happy about it i thought to achieve a higher grade I should listen to the positive criticism and fix the footage.

Below are the criticism we received.

After fixing all the criticisms which were pointed out we finally came to our final video which I have come to the conclusion, when compared to the rough cut has changed drastically and looks exceptionally professional. However I do still believe improvements can be made still to the end product.


This essentially was supposed to be our digi-pak but after getting feedback, we agreed that this could not be our digi-pak. Firstly because people commented saying that the front cover looked like a shot from a spoof 70's horror film (almost like a comedy) this lost the atmosphere we wanted to create. Another point which was made was the writing on the back cover were to small and were hard to read, this text size may make us loose costumers if they were to pick up the CD in a local music store, as they may become less interested and leave the product behind. As well as this there was no link between the pictures and the videos as the whole video is in black and white and the pictures used in the Digi-pak was in colour. So we agreed the whole digi-pak should be in black and white reflecting our music video. Lastly it was said that the font size used was so big and made the product seem "tacky" and cheap.

So we went back to thinking on how we could improve from the positive criticisms and we realised that the only way to improve from this was to go back to researching in digi-paks and how there genre had an effect on cover and the layout of the pack. We came up with this final produt. Many people prefered this end result to compared to our 1st attempt.


Out of both of the ancillary tasks this one presented us with the fewest positive criticisms as many people liked the first draft. However the target audience did say they would have preferred it if the 5 pictures taken from the video would be pleasing to the eye if they were a bit separated and to make the link with the main task it would be goo it those pictures were in black and white.

Positive feedback from a target audience member 'Kelsey James' really liked the fact that were hoovering over the links and pictures they altered their colour. It captured some professionalism.

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