Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Evalution (FOUR)

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages?

To start off with, after we chose our song we had to somehow import this audio on to the program final cut. This was done by downloading the track on to my memory stick, I then pasted the song into my folder at the school. (i didn't the track on to final cut straight from my audio as then I would not be able to work on the track if I did not have my memory stick with me) so after importing the track on to final cut I thought of cutting the 'beep' noise at the beginning of the track. This could have also been done by the program garage band.

Once the audio had been placed I locked that bar so even if we were to edit any footage after this point the audio would not move. After filming we uploaded the footage on to final cut by the fire wire, we next re-visited our idea as to what we thought of how we should begin to start our song. As there is a slight 'fuzzy' noise we thought the perfect effect for this would be "bad TV" . This effect was dropped on the the certain clip and then rendered. we then went through each beat and cropped and cut it to the certain beat; In this case the counts were every 4- this helped we greatly as I soon began to known that sharp editing and timings were my weakness.

Example of a bad TV effect.

Through out the editing we only used 2 filters but as we used it a vast amount we became very comfortable in using them and so i personally did not find it difficult in using them.

*The first one was the colour corrector.

Firstly we highlighted our specific clip, we then clicked effects, colour correction then colour corrector. this is when the picture above appeared so i played around with the tabs at the bottom, underneath the two wheels. I decreased the sat levels all the way down and i fiddled with the black and white levels to create a harsh black and white image

An example of using colour corrector

* The second one was the chroma keyer which created the sin city effect:

I highlighted the clip which I wanted the effect on. I then pressed the effects button, video filters, Key, Chroma keyer. I then pressed the eye dropper tool and selected whatever colour i wanted to stand out in my case it was the red "blood". You then press the invert button (trapeze looking symbol). Then select your clip click Alt and shift and then drag the clip up, you should know have two versions of the same clip, click the clip ontop and then press the invert button again to uninvert it. We then press effects, video filters, image control, desaturate.

An example of this would be:

After any effects which were carried out we had to render both the audio and the video.

Ancillary tasks

Creating a digi-pack, Louise used photoshop to edit the images and layer on the text. She then saved each pnael an an idividual jpeg, allowing her to insert each image into Microsoft Word to put the images together in the same layout they would be for the digi-pak. She then used the "grab tool" on the Mac, taking screne shot of the overall product. She took each individual image and placed it into photshop used Free transform tool to manipulate the images to make the fit perfectly on to a 3D CD case.

The website created by Lucy was made by Adobe Dreamweaver allowing her create buttons and the title was made in photoshop and imported into Dreamweaver as an image.

I feel without this type of technlogy, our products would not caontain any professional quality and would be extremely hard for us to create a style running through all three tasks.


This coursework has challenged me with in great distances seeing as before I had an actuall fear towards technology, such as camera and even cs4 softwares which we used throughout the course. But I believe we created products which suited our niche target audience (skaters and young alt) and we promoted the band like any record company would. In my opinion I struggled working in a group but I throughly enjoyed it and we all learnt a great deal from this oppertunity.

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