Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Evaluation (TWO)

How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary texts?


The music video we decided to do was for the song the 'Nightmare' which was The Ghost Frequency's' debut single.


We had a simple and clear narrative which was the girl in the white; Louise, was being followed by the girl in the black, Lucy. All this was happening in the mind of Louise's. Her movement of twisting and turning in her bed conveys she is trapped in the nightmare and wants to escape from it.

When listening to the song i didn't think we needed to have a band singing to the song, we thought that using two girls and acting out a nightmare would reflect the song lyrics perfectly and would capture that eerie mysterious feeling.


Our digipak and our website were our ancillary tasks we made sure there was a clear link between all 3 media products. We decided to use a shot from our video as our front cover and on the inside we have a montage of all different shots taken from the video showing a consistency throughout. Another point which linked our digipack and our website together was the use of the same front.

We edited the photos on photoshop making certain aspects of the photo stand out like the blood in her glass and used bold colours for texts on the whole digipak.


For the website we researched on a few known fan pages already and based on our information we made templates for our website that we would create.

On the website there are clear links between the site and the digipak. Firstly the use of same font, colours and images as i have already stated. The colours were bold similar to the digipak and so standing out from the background visually holding that electronic pop genre.

** (website) FONT

These fonts that we were going to use through out our tasks had to be eye ctahing ot us as well as the target audience. We spent a whole lessons experimenting with differents fonts, looking through

** (website) FONT COLOURS

After choosing the font we had to choose the colours, this was improtant beacuse we wanted all the products to link throughout.

Seeing as we used the "sin city" effect in our video we thought the red and black look would work well with the header for the website.

Also going along with this effect we thought carrying out the greyscale which we did throughout the video we could use the colour grey as buttons on our homepage.

I think because of the link through out all the products, its all worked very well together. However when talking about my music video if i did have enough time on my hands i would place more close-ups shots in there as i still believe they is not enough.

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