Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Evaluation (ONE)

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In answering this particular question we have to know the original theories (conventions) to existing music videos, website advertising artists and digi-packs. Only then can we evaluate whether our products is consistent with those conventions.

The first theory I can compare with is the GENERAL THEORY on music videos:

This is where the lyrics establish a general feeling and a sense of subject rather than a meaning. The tempo of the music often drives the editing. The Genre might be reflected in types of mis-en-scene, themes, performance,camera and editing styles. Camerawork, has a major impact on meaning, the movement, angle and shot distance all play a part in the representation of the artist/band (for example the use of close-ups will show inferiority and importance). Editing the most common form is fast-cut montage, rendering many images impossible to grasp on first viewing, so ensuring multiple viewing. Often enhancing the editing are digital effects, which play with the original images to offer a different type of pleasure to the audience. Intertextuality, not all viewers will recognise a reference which would not detract them from their pleasure in the text itself,but if he viewer was to realise the reference it should increase the audience's engagement regarding the product. Lastly exhibitionism, this is where the powerful independent female artists portray a image where the woman is being sexually provocative and apparently in control of, and inviting a sexual gaze.

When looking at the box above and comparing our conventions to the ones stated i believe our music video follows the general theory.

LYRICS : "Well it covered your body it was pulling you in, so i kicked an i screamed and i sank my teeth in. You cried get off me, get off me, get off me please, but i drowned you out i was trapped..."
These lyrics are extremely visual already creating a sense of eeriness and unnatural actions even without the music video. The audience can get a sense of what type of music video i will be from just reading the lyrics.

Music: When watching the video it is obvious that the music tempo resulted in the way we edited the video. As the music was fast and the beats where dominant we edited lots of short cut aways.

Genre: From reading the lyrics and listening to them its apparent that the mis-en-scene has to create a sense of uncomfortableness in the audience, a sense of "what will happen next, with this feeling we could also keep the audience lured into watching the video. So we did this buy adding strange footage such as Louise supposedly cutting herself and where Lucy is standing right behind Louise in the garage.

Camerawork: I had to create a sense of super naturalness so i had to use a lot of close-ups and awkward angles. Unfortunately due to the lack of tie we couldn't film all the close-ups i had hoped for but there are some examples of close-ups and "weird" angles in the video.

Editing: Because the music is fast paced and the bets are dominant, i made sure that the shots went with the beats. I counted in every 4's so i edited the clips with the pace of the song but i made sure every 4th beat was tight (on is editing).

Intertextuality: We didn't really based our video to any references however once completing this video it can be said there are little references between this and the film Queen of the Damned which coincidental is a story line based on vampires.

Exhibitionism: Out of all the conventions believe this to be the most apparent one when watching the video. This is because the stares from Lucy (the girl in the black) do seem to be controlling over the audience and Louise (the girl trapped in the nightmare). These stares I personally think increases the audiences curiosity and them wanting to know and see more of Lucy and what she will do in the clips to come.

There is a famous theory ANDREW GOODWIN'S THEORY explains that the conventions of a music video are:

Visuals either illustrate, amplify or contradict the lyrics and music. Genres often have their own music style/iconography. Close-ups should always be included. The artist/ band might want to develop their own star iconography, which becomes their star image. Voyeurism is a common theme within music videos. Intertextual reference are also popular. Goodwin argues that the female performer is frequently objectified principally for display purposes, often through a combination of camerawork and editing with fragmented body shots emphasising a sexualised treatment of the star.

When comparing our video against this theory is most difficult in whether they have similarities. Just like before I have stated that in this case visuals do illustrate and amplify lyrics and music in some cases. It does consist of a iconography of some sort as each person who watched the video interpreted it in their own ways. We did include close-ups however due to a weakness in time management skills and timing we did not have enough time to shoot more close-ups which was planned from the start. However I do not think a star image was created, voyeurism was not portrayed and it is very has to make a intertextual reference when watching this video because so many people interpret it in different ways.

Here is our Digi-pack:

This front cover for our digi-pak was created using photoshop. The front cover is a clip form the msuic video, helping to create a strong evident link between all three products and emphasising the "brand identity". The shot is lit my natural lighting as it was filmed during the daytime. In photoshop and image of Lucy (vampire) was carefully placed behind the image of Louise. Mis-en-scene is also extremely effective creating an eerie atmosphere.

Here is our website:

After researching band websites, we realised that their all have their own set of unique conventions. In the production process, we knew we HAD to create a website which looked realistic and professional, following and including conventions such as
  • Band name
  • Band Bio
  • Gallery
  • News
  • Latest music Video
  • Album release dates

I think, in my opinion the final product covers all of these particular conventions making the website look incredibly professional. Like any other music home page.

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