Thursday, 4 February 2010

Picture time!

OK well I have to admit, out of all honesty we didn't actually set a date for taking pictures, as a group we thought whilst filming the video we should take pictures as we went along, this way there was a link between digi-pak pictures and the final video.
One thing I had to keep in mind when taking the pictures was framing of the image and the surroundings as this was equally important.
However we realised that whilst editing our footage we filmed beautiful shots which we could then use the grab tool and cut this image out straight from the footage. These pictures also helped us with the link between the video, the website and the digi-pak.

(the coloured photos are of our filming days, the black and white images maybe used for digipak)

You will realise which pictures have been taken from our footage as they have been altered in colour and changed to desaturated.


Even though Beyonce doesn't produce songs that is of the same genre of our music video it still holds similar factors. One point which stood out to me (a person in the target audience) was the close-up of her face. The desaturated picture makes it bold and stand out, this is also encouraged by the white background she is placed on, catching the audiences eyes. Her eyes are directly looking straight out, this increases audience interaction with the artist. We get the general feel that the colours used for the picture was silvery tones and so the text colour suits very well with the picture. As well as this the font of the text compliments the focus pictures beautifully because the picture is very "crisp" and sharply edited and the text is also narrow and sharp, and both the picture and the font work well together

In my opinion what I like he best about this picture is how simple the picture is but yet it grabs the attention through the way her eyes are focused. I think a pose similar to this should be considered when we do start on our digi-packs because eyes like this creates intimacy between the artist and the audience ultimately creating a connection .

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


From last year the difference was that we was allowed to be in groups for our coursework. This presented the biggest problem which in our case was time management and organisation skills. So we then thought that we should print off ourselves a monthly calender which would help with the deadlines.

Here's an one month that we printed off and we filled these days off with important deadlines that we had.

This also allowed us to quickly find out what days each of us were free to film and take pictures for our ancillary tasks.