Sunday, 31 January 2010


Seeing as though there was 3 girls in this group, we thought that as we new what clear image we wanted to create and portray the best thing we should do is cast out group members in the video. This way we did not need to worry if other girls could not make it for a filming day. We were free for filming if we wanted to re-film a little scene again with little notice. Also we had to make sure the target audience would be interested so we made sure the girls in our video was of a similar age (both girls were 18years of age at the time.)

Girl (1-Louise) had to make sure was able to hold a expression-less face for a certain amount of time without laughing or fooling around. This girl had to be followed by girl (2-Lucy) and so we had to make sure Louise could portray fear and vulnerability from a face expression.

Girl (2-Lucy) had to make sure she could portray dominance from her acting in the video. She had to give off an eerie feeling towards the audience, as though we do not feel uncomfortable with her being so close to girl 1 and we do not know what Lucy will do to Louise. Like Louise, Lucy had to keep a straight face with dominating eyes.

We soon realised keeping a straight face throughout the whole filming process happened with great difficulty. (I'll continue this when i talk about our problems we encountered whilst filming).

And of course there had to be a cameraman and seeing as the other two girls were already acting in the video, so we decided that it would be my role in the group to do all the filming.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Website templates

Here's a few website templates I came up with:


With this one I thought we do not need to add extra information such as Tour dates this will be extra work for us to do so we did not use this template.


This one we preferred as a group, as it was clear and it did not have to include extra links that we did not need. One thing we thought was if the pictures were too close together, the homepage would look cluttered.


This one like idea one included extra information which we did not need such as the facebook links and twitter links. However I did think these links (facebook and twitters) was a great idea as it increased the bond between the fan and the artist and the fans would be able to see what their music idols were doing at a certain time, almost as though they were there.

We decided to go with template two. It clear and points our main aim across.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Our aim was to create a website homepage for the band. We started looking and analysing different music homepage websites, trying to create a template for our one on The Ghost Frequency. W came across very different types, the most popular one I realised which was favoured by our peer group was Artic Monkeys Website . When looking at it I personally loved how all the information was displayed and clearly set out. The header was very eye catching and the boldness of the black and white font grabbed the readers attention. The website was highly informative with columns including Gigs dates, fan uploads, tickets, their latest video and more information on the band. This was all on the homepage of their website. However others would say that the sheer amount of information does look confusing to the reader when on the website and looks abit cluttered.

Me personally when researching on homepage websites of artists I loved Avril Lavignes website. It had a feel to it as though it was her blog. As though we could track whatever she was doing on whatever day. The colours went really well with her genre of music her header and font for her links went really well in promoting her next single which appears in the upcoming film 'Alice in Wonderland'. As well as this, she also posts her new video of the song at the top of the website so it can not be missed by her readers.

This snap shot is of the top of her website as you can see her latest video is posted at the top of the website grabbing readers attention, also showing them this is the latest news in Avril Lavignes life. And as well as this there is the Alice and Wonderlands posters underneath the video promoting the film and intriguing Avril fans to go watch the film.

These are just a few examples of the font used throughout the website. It goes well with the genre of music as well as going well with the 'quirkiness' tone of Alice in Wonderland the film. I also loved the bold colours used throughout against the black background.

I realised there wasn't very much "blocks" of texts on the website this is good as "blocks" or texts tend to bore the fan and they would usually end up changing the page or completely going off the website and typing in another artists website.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Location shots (DETAILED)

As we decided all our locations to be local and areas that we knew very well, we knew these locations would hold the atmosphere we wanted and also they were easily available.

Our first location:
Louise's' garage

This environment was dusty and had been untouched for quiet sometime so the walls were all drawn over and had an abandoned feel to it, exactly what we as a group were looking for. However the only downside to this location was it was cluttered with machinery so we did have to move the small machines once we started to film. But once we moved them we were able to keep the area exactly how we left it, ready for filming the next time we wanted to use it. As well as this there was no lighting in the garage which was sufficient the only lighting we did have was a bulb light from the ceiling and a lamp which was held against the wall. However this particular lamp on the wall we used to our advantage as when we turned the lights off and kept the lamp on it created shadows on the walls of the two girls being filmed which gave an eerie feel to it. Just the feeling we wanted the audience to feel.

Second location:
Dartford Graveyard

Like all graveyards Dartford's Graveyard was isolated and gave off an uncomfortable feeling so was perfect to film in. We wouldn't need any lighting apart from natural lighting this meant to capture good footage we'd have to film in daylight. Some of the gravestones were old dating back to the 19th Century loosing its scripture on the stone and fading in colour. The Gravestones were in a random but slightly ordered rows and columns creating the effect we were surrounded by thousands of gravestones.

Third location:
Datford park/forest

Both these locations were next to each other so they were easy to get to and film. Both areas we used natural lighting to so we had to film the footage in daylight before it started getting dark in the evenings. In the right photograph (which is the park) there was swings and a play area this was were we shot out swing scene with both of the girls. Both the areas were isolated and the forest (picture on the left) was clustered with untamed trees growing naturally so it created a trapped and lost feeling. So the girls acting and the audience would feel like they were in a nightmare just wanting to escape.
All the selected locations I believe captured the feeling of what we wanted and they all went well with the tone of the music and gave out the effect we wanted it to.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Views on the group

"As the '80s continue to be recycled, so it must inevitably come to pass that horrible late '80s electro-industrial awfulness like DAF and Nitzer Ebb will start echoing in new bands too young to know the horror of what they are re-animating. Certainly the first 40 seconds of 'Nightmare' is just that, a horrible fingernails-on-blackboard racket on paned vocals and brain-ache bass. Thankfully, The Ghost Frequency then remember it's always nice to have a song in there somewhere, and it all morphs into an lovely,funky, electro-Franz Ferdinand oddity."

taken from a 2007 NME review

"Nightmare is serviceable staccato punk from London-based Cramps wannabees The Ghost Frequency. It owes more of a debt to Adam and the Antz than they'd probably want to admit and nicks the same bits from Wire as everyone else.
It has its charms, but not as many as The Horrors, and from the look off them they haven't quite decided whether they want to keep one foot in the emo grave or not. The result is angular hair and plaid shirts and perhaps a bit too much emphasis on style over substance.
Nightmare does have its catchier moments, and at times sounds as if it will improve with repeat listenings"

taken from a review in 2007 on

From looking at both these reviews it does show that they both didn't approve of this type of music from this particular band however they do point out some good points about the song "Nightmare" they like. I definitely do agree with the NME review at the top that on a whole is does mould into a funky up-beat tune.

Friday, 1 January 2010

The Ghost Frequency!

In 2005 Spring in a bedroom The Ghost Frequency were formed. They begun writing songs and creating demos. Drummer Ben Chetwood joined the band in November and from 2006 they started performing at live shows. After a year of performing at low key shows and Gigs they were signed up by City Rockers, with their debut single 'Nightmare'.

In Spring 2008 drummer Ben Chetwood left the group and was replaced by Jason Adelinia.
However in 2009 the band broke up.
Their songs were seen to be; Post-Hardcore, Thrash and Electronic.

Genres (Themes)

The words which I concentrated on was Nightmare, Screaming and middle of the night. These words make me think of loneliness and isolated or being followed in n unknown place. It gives the audience a sense of uncomfortableness in their surrounds.

When researching one what shots are generally used for this type of genre I quickly realised that group who sings songs with this type of tempo usually video them performing their song for their video, such as the group BOLT ACTION FIVE and GLAMOUR FOR BETTER.

However I also noticed songs like Virgin by Partyshank which was very similar to Nightmare by The Ghost Frequency told a story but because of the past pace music they were a lot of cut aways to different clips. This would really go well with our chosen song. Also the use of close-ups is very popular in this theme of music.

If the song does have a story like video is usually keeps the audience intrigued in watching the video as we do not know what will happen next.

So our groups main task was to keep the audience entertained and captured in our song for the whole duration.

I realised there is a lack of emotion from the people acting in the videos almost as though they are refrained from acting normal being restricted.

All these elements which are common in fast pace songs such as cut aways and bright lights and no emotions are the total opposite compared to slow urban songs for example happy-Leona Lewis. These songs are brightly filmed and has a slowly soft movement with the camera editing with long cut aways compared to the harsh sharp short cut aways in the theme above.