Sunday, 27 December 2009


Looking at what we created (the mod board) I started to think about what effects i could use in the video or what effects i liked in past music videos.

Seeings as I was not familiar with what types of effects which were commonly used in this genre of songs, I had an open mind. But i also had to keep in mind what we were capable to do as a group.

Firstly we listened to the song and thought to watch songs which reminded us of the song we had chosen.

Even though Evanescence- Bring Me to Life the song is slow paced and the total opposite to the pace of Nightmare, I thought that it captured the chilling and uneasy feel we wanted with our video.

  • the use of black and white editing but then a dash of one bold colour gives the feeling of the 'underworld' are life we are not familiar with but are intrigued with. It makes the coloured object stand out and the makes whats in the frame picturesque. I thought this suited the nature of our song.

  • Another effect i liked was the "waking up" clip. Her eyes jolted open when she sings the words "wake me up inside". This scene would work well in our choice of song and the fast pace of the song.

  • There's a scene where there are random people in clown masks dancing in a room. I thought this seemed really odd but the it went well with the video and it stays in the audiences minds because it was not expected.

  • I also liked at the end of the song, and how it ended as though it was all a dream and the where as before it was zooming into the town building this time at the end it was zooming out and fades to black.

Another song which I thought was not really similar to the genre of the chosen song but the effects would suit well was Paramore- Decode.

  • I loved the fact that it was set in a forest and the video was edited to have a gloomy look but her bright red hair colour stood out. This would be remembered in the audiences mind if they were to talk about the video.

  • I also loved how the camera slowly pans the forest but they're are fast editing scenes going through the trees in our point of view.

  • There are close ups of the lead singer which i thought would go with the nature of our song we choose as well. And it would also involve the audience.

Also when thinking of what kind of effects i liked i thought of a picture I had taken not so long before our coursework. It gave me some inspiration on what type of mood I wanted to create for the music video. When looking at this picture it creates a sense of eeriness. I love the mist in this picture and I think that taking the picture in black and white just increased the haunted feel.

In my opinion I believe this was my inspiration that drove me towards going along the same lines for my music video.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Practice Video


Last year before we even set out to whose group we'll go into and what kind of genre of music we will do for our final task, in the summer of 2009 we went into groups of four and in a matter of only 2weeks we planned, filmed and edited a music video. Out of the four of us we had no previous experience of using the video editing software, Final Cut, so it was a challenge for all of us. As a group we chose the song Warriors Dance by The Prodigy.

We decided to interpret a persons mind and her nightmare. Using the overlaying tool it illustrated a image from normal to weird, using makeup and costume it created a “character” not of the norm.

Analysis music video 2


'Trouble is a friend' is the second single by Lenka first released on the 8th September 2009. The vocals were done by Australian television actress and singer song-writer, mostly famous for her song 'The Show' by her self titled Lenka. The song was produced by Mike Elizondo. 'Trouble is a friend' peaked in the charts at number 10.

As the audience , it may be seen that listening to the lyrics and watching the music video, the "trouble" may be a past loved one such as a ex-boyfriend or girlfriend as Lenka sings "Oh I hate the way he makes me feel" and "I won't let him win, but I'm a sucker for his charm" or it may even be an emotion such as guilt or one of the 7 sins. As Lenka expresses "he's there in the dark, he's there in my heart" and "you're fine for a while but you start to loose control".

The video is of a black skeleton, acting as "trouble" following the singer (Lenka) around. The video is not really a narrative one but is a lyrical one and describes what is being sung, so there is a clear connection between lyrics and video. From listening and reading the lyrics the target audience may be elder teens as there is a lot of meaning to the lyrics. However watching and listening to the tune and video, the actual target audience may be young teens as the song is catchy and memorable.

The video is a mixture between a cartoon/fantasy and reality, mainly focusing on the main singer, Lenka and the "trouble" black skeleton. The locations where this video is placed is all drawn (but it is only the singer which is in human form) and in mythical places such as an enchanted forest, a bear stomach and dancing on a tree branch. It creates an eccentric vibe to the audience and there is a clear connection between the lyrics, images and music, all giving off the same feeling.

As the audience our main focus is the singer and we are drawn to her as the rest of the video is in black and white and only Lenka is in colour.

Lenka though out the video is usually filmed central and small compared to her background portraying that her "trouble" is superior to her.

An eerie atmosphere is portrayed throughout. From observing this song it shows that the group are not of the norm "pop" group and like to portray different images from what the audience see in the charts today.

Final Video

FINAL CUT from Lucy Simonds on Vimeo.


My opinion: Even though I still can sense there are some flaws in the timings I think this is a vast improvement from the rough cut and our second stage. Compared to all the versions i do have to say this one is the best one by far.

Other also agreed with my opinion. However the majority of the target audience did not realise the slight glitches in the timings however when showing my media teacher she quickly spot them. So if i did have enough time i would alter the clips which were either later or earlier then the beat. Fortunately the off timings does not happen through out the whole video its only on certain verses.

Rough Cut

ROUGH CUT from Lucy Simonds on Vimeo.


As you can see this is vastly different when comparing it to our final video. The criticisms we got from this video, helped us a lot when editing it for our final one. I did agree with all the criticisms. The first was one there was too many blank gaps so whilst the audience were watching a screen full of black they tended to get bored and stopped watching. This for me was extremely bad so I had to improve on the gaps as soon as possible to keep the audience watching.

Another fault was half of the clips were in black and white and others were in colour. In my opinion I think it was due to laziness that I didn't alter all the clips into black and white but this was one of the things I needed to edit when creating the final video.

Other commented saying they didn't understand how Louise got the blood from in the first place. So we thought we needed to film more footage where is shows how Louise got the blood from in the first place. (When watching the final one you realise that she draws blood from her wrists)


Animatics is a preliminary version of our main product (in this case its a music video) in which animated cutout figures (or diagrams) are used in replacement of live participants or real objects.

Animatics from fahminaali on Vimeo.


Seeing as as a group we took so long in actually agreeing with a final song our filming time was postponed and we had to re-schedule that day for 2weeks after!

We realised the main problem in our group was time management. As there were 3 girls in this group and we are all friends it would have been impossible not to mess around and leave the media filming to aside! However we eventually did get the FIRST DAY of filming done after a few hours of encouraging each other and trying to stay focused without getting distracted.

This day was to me, seen as the "tester" day. This was because i had never filmed anything in my life or even used a video camera so this day was me familiarising myself with the technology and using it with confidence. I eventually got used to the camera which I was using and filmed, what we thought was, all the graveyard scenes with involved Louise and also Lucy. One problem we did come across was that whilst Lucy was looking at the graveyard she did not realise we had placed a wine glass on the floor which had red food dye (blood) and she accidentally knocked it over this meant we didn't have enough "blood" for the shot but we did still film the scene of Louise drinking it as it may have still look OK on the screen. After the graveyard seen we had a few hours left to spare so we decided to look around the forest which was near by and thought we should start on our forest filming.

This was incredibly hard for me as the cameraman, because that week we had been filming the weather has been awful and so the mud we walked on in the woods was not dry but thick and "squishy". The biggest fear for me at this time was, when running after Louise (creating the effect she was being chased) I felt as though I would fall face first into the wet mud and be covered with mud on my clothes and coat. I eventually did shoot that clip but with great difficulty and being extremely careful whilst running with a camera in my hand.

After going back to school uploading the footage i shocked myself and realised the filming i had done was not actually as bad as I thought and thought next time I should be more confident in myself.
We went through clip by clip showing what we liked and what we didn't like and noted down what we had to re-shoot. The most obvious thing we had to re-shoot was the bed scene where Louise was fidgeting, this was because whilst moving around in her bed she accidentally smiles and this was caught on camera! If we left this in the video it would loose the "serious" uncomfortable feel to the video and the audience would not be lured into watching the video. As well as making sure she showed the right emotion I had to make sure I framed her centrally as before she was too much to the right side of the screen.


The second day we filmed was the week after. This time as we knew we was already short for time, we did not procrastinate and got straight to work. As usual I put Lucy's makeup on whilst Louise was getting ready for her filming. By the time I had finished Lucy's makeup Louise was ready and so I quickly went up the her bedroom to shoot the fidgeting scene again for the second time. This time I made sure the framing was right and no smiles or happy emotions were filmed. This showed to us as hard work as Louise found it uncomfortable fidgeting in her bed whilst being filmed and occasionally she screamed with laughter. In the end I had to turn around whilst the camera was running so that she would feel more confident whilst acting that she was going mad in her sleep.
We then went outside to the garage and Lucy and Louise acted the scene where Lucy was behind Louise and then other part was when Lucy was feeling Louise's side. This particular scene of Lucy touching her was in my opinion the hardest clip to film. This was because in Lucy's nature she is a very happy laughing character and she found it a struggle in trying to not laugh whilst touching Louise up. after a few minutes we finally shot that scene.

The next day we uploaded the footage once again and placed them in the parts we wanted in the song and edited the clips. We thought then we had enough clips and so we continued editing until we created our rough cut. When looking at our rough cut we came to an agreement it was EXTREMELY repetitive and I just began to feel bored watching it after only 1 minute! This made me and Louise think that we had to shoot more footage as soon as possible as time was not on our side!

(The black and white shots are pictures we could be using for our digipak)


This was on a weekend and we thought we would use Louise's digital camera instead of the schools camera (at that point we thought this would be a great idea) This day out of all the days was extremely productive because we had the whole Saturday to film. Unfortunately Lucy could not come to I shot all of Louise's scenes. We thought of more diverse footage we could film. We first went up to the park and filmed the sky for roughly 25 minutes, just in case we wanted to use that footage then me and Louise came up with the idea of me filming her sitting on the bench alone an her looking straight into the camera. This shot looked amazing as she was alone surrounded by bushed and trees. The only problem was the lighting by the time we starting filming this is was about 5pm when it started to get dark and so whilst filming we realised we had to stop half way through as it was too dark, she wasn't even visible in the camera anymore. When walking back to her house I noticed a full moon and so we stood in the park for 10 minutes filming the full moon (this was also in case we needed extra footage) when coming home, we came up with the idea of crying blood. Just like before when I had a fear of falling flat on my face in the mud, Louise had the fear of staining her face red with food colouring. After me encouraging her and promising her the colour would come off, even though at this point I actually did not know whether it would come off, she went ahead with the filming. At this point it was around 7pm and Louise's garage was freezing so cold that whilst filming we could see each others breath when we breathed out! I shot various angles of Louise looking into the camera with and without the blood. To my relief the food colouring did not stain Louise's face however she did have to scrub her face plenty of times before it all came off. I then filmed her in different angles sitting on the fall, rocking backwards and forwards, surrounded by candles. After along day of filming we rapped it up and I went home.

TROUBLES OF UPLOADING: the Wednesday after me and Louise were excited to show Lucy what we had shot in that weekend but when we tried to upload it on to the Mac is wasn't uploading. At that point I wanted to sulk and cry and give up! We spent one whole lesson in trying t upload all of Saturdays footage but the Mac was refusing to recognise the footage and so I thought OK no point in procrastinating and moaning about the footage we lost we HAVE to quickly as soon as possible start filming again! Also by this time we had got peoples opinions on the rough cut and people also thought we needed more diverse shots and the drinking the blood bit was a bit motionless. So on that day we went back to Louise's house and starting all over again.


As we had already shot the scenes the Saturday before we knew what we had to film. Unfortunately we couldn't get the footage of the full moon back. We filmed all the blood scenes as well as the candle scenes and also Louise thought of another brilliant idea of writing vampire with the candles and by using a cross-dissolve effect it would look nice on the screen in the video. We also filmed the drinking the blood scene again but this time with more emotion and movement.


Once we showed our video to our teacher she still thought we didn't have enough footage and the framing of our fidgeting scene was still not framed correctly. So taking this into account, me Louise and Lucy went and filmed the extra scenes we thought of. One idea we suggested which at that point we did not know whether it would work well was Lucy laying on a grave and rising up. Even though it seemed ethically disturbing, we still went through. The aftermath was that it worked and looked really well. Also we thought if the cutting the wrists piece, i thought this would be good as it would show the story of how Louise got the blood she was drinking from in the first place. From feedback I was told that the cutting the wrists piece looked really realistic and worked well with the genre.

Second Pitch

I hated this period as we had no sense direction in what type of genre we wanted to do. However all hope was not lost as, as group we decided we wanted to create a eerie sense of mis-en-scene so we that night at home we all typed in nightmare in YouTube. To our surprise we came out with good results. The next day we came back to class and discussed our results. Unfortunately Lucy was absent was this session. Louise had listed down all the songs all of us had discovered and one by one we went through deciding whether we they were a potential song for us.

From the results the most obvious song we both liked was Nightmare by Brain bug. Once deliberating with our teacher she explained to us a previous group last year had already used this song and so she wanted us to use a more original song which had not been used before in past years.

So after this disappointing news we went and looked back at the chart (above) and thought we would choose the next best song. In this case it was Nightmare by The Ghost Frequency.

Both me and Louise were happy with this decision and after deliberating with Lucy she also thought this was a good choice.

We read over the lyrics and got our ideas together at this point our ideas were very basic we discussed it with our teacher the initial idea would be that Louise is being haunted by Lucy and she is trying to escape a nightmare.

Main Pitch

When we first thought of using Insomnia by faithless we described the our ideas to our teacher. The initial ideas was that we would follow Louise around an estate adding effects into the video. Now thinking back if we have followed through with our ideas the video would have been at a poor quality and would have, in my opinion not been to the standards of our final video.

Also we was advised that as Insomnia is an anthem is would be harshly graded as our final video as it would have to be at a top quality level and this would be difficult for us as this was the first time creating and editing a video. So we decided to go back to "thinking board" for more ideas.

Analysis music video 1

TEARDROP - Massive Attack

Teardrop is a song by Massive Attack. First released on their 1998 album Mezzanine. As a single it was released on 27th April 1998. Like their other tracks before, this song became a UK hit for the group, peaking at number 10 in the UK singles Chart. The song includes vocals by Elizabeth Fraser and contains a sample of Les McCann’s song “Sometimes I Cry”.
This particular song is well known in the United States as the theme song of the medical television series House. The instrumental section of the song near the end which sounds like a bass drum beat is reflecting a heartbeat and is used in the opening theme.
The song features a plastic fetus in the womb, lip syncing to the song “teardrop”. It was directed by Waltern Stern.

By looking at the lyrics and video, to me as the audience, it connotes how precious life is and how the fetus feels nothing but love for its mother. Almost like someone is trying to show love to the world that has lost perspective, unilateral love. The person who is giving out this love does it fearlessly and boldly and showing what love means to them. Using the fetus in the video can show another view of the lyrics such as the mother is not fully aware of just how powerful and precious life is.

The song starts off with a echo of people talking. 16 seconds in a set of beats start reminiscing to a set of heart beats this continues right through the song as a background beat. The image is still not clear to the audience. All which can be seen is the camera following a log tube, intriguing the audience in where will this tube end and where did is start from. Whole the song continues the camera is filming downwards until the audience enters almost like a dark room, the camera is still filming downwards following this "tube". 41 seconds into the song we get to see little baby feet. as he audience we automatically think that the tube we had been following is in fact a umbilical cord. This feeling is supported when the camera zooms out and we get to see the fetus for the first time in the video.
To begin with the fetus has its eyes closed and on certain words of the song e.g "breathes", the fetus mouths it.

After the first verse the fetus opens its eyes this is a close up shot of just the eyes and the face is shadowed to darkness. It is now a close up of the face of the fetus fully lip-syncing to the song, slowing filming down the face to a close up of just the lips moving.

The second verse consists of close up of the fetuses face and a full body shot. There are many cut aways to the fetuses surroundings of the womb. By these cut aways it makes the audience seem as though we are looking threw the eyes of the fetus, involving the audience in.

The final verse is shown in the same way to the other verses of a fetus in the womb. Towards the ending the fetus directly looks into the camera giving off a personal and intimate attachment to the audience. The screen darkens s the last few lines are sung "its tumbling down" to a close up of the fetuses lips. There's a lash f light and the fetus begins to move, slowly it goes back to darkness ending the video on a close up of the fetuses face.

The filming and the tone of the song puts the audience in a relaxed and calm mood and can make the audience question life. There is no clear connection between the lyrics of the song and the video. But the aspect which draws the audience into the video is that there is a fetus lip-syncing to a song. Its out of the ordinary and so may intrigue the audience to watch it.

I think the target audience is elder teens and adults. the combination of music and lyrics soothes the audience and can change our perception on how we see and treat life.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Mood Board

After jotting down my ideas I felt it would be best if I created a mood board portraying the lyrics and having the key words in big fonts.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Location Shots

For this video we all agreed for a location shot to be local so it would be easy to get to. The area had to be secluded from the rest of the public and also had an eerie vibe. With the lyrics we thought:

* Dartford graveyard

* someones basement or a garage with brick walls

* a isolated park

*a isolated forest with trees planted close together almost unable to see past the trees.

All these locations had a secluded feel to them with the feeling that whoever walks through the place (such as the graveyard, park or forest) was being watched or followed. We then decided to visit all these places and take photographs of the locations.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

More research into our song

After choosing our song, our next agreement had to be on the locations on where the video had to be shot. We decided that one location should be in a graveyard, as this location is eerie and isolated. Also the next location would be in an isolated forest which is heavily placed with trees and "bendy" walk lanes.

This eerie feeling would also be enhanced by the 'colour-corrector' on final cut where is converts the clops from colour to black/white. As well as having the isolated and lonely feel it may an edgy look to the video matching the tone of the song.

My inspiration to the song and how the location of the song would enhance the vibe of it came from the song 'Alice' by Avril Lavigne where vast majority of the video is shot in the woods.

Meaning behind the lyrics

The first step into creating any ideas to this song choice was listening to the lyrics and writing down any images we thought of. The tone of the song felt "edgy" as well as eerie. Portraying a dream or someones thoughts in a fast pace motion. We then thought of all the places where we could film this which would still capture the feeling of a nightmare of someones thoughts and thought of a graveyard or a forest.
Both these locations would be isolated and has the haunted feeling.

When reading over just the lyrics i began to jot down a few comments of what i thought the song illustrated.

1. It could be about people evolving from humans into creatures past a certain time at night "v-v-v-vampire in the middle of the night".

2. Or a person is trying to escape from the sin they have committed and it feels like a repeating nightmare shown in this particular verse "With my hear on your lap you sat crying as i tried to explain, the tears from your eyes whispers sorrows my face looked ashamed..."

3. Like with idea 2 it could mean this person is experiencing a nightmare and can not escape "i was trapped inside the nightmare, nightmare, oh the nightmare".

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Target Audience questionnaires

A survey was carried out to our teenagers who regularly listen to music channels. These teenagers were from the ages of 16-19.

1. What music channel do you listen to?
As you can see there was a whole range of answers that we recieved from this question. From the graph below, it seems the most popular one was NME, implying the most listened to music was indie/electronic

2. What is your preferred genre of music to listen to?
As you can see the highest votes was indie but not far behind was electronic.

3. What is your favourite artist? The majority of people said there was too many to name, however, Green Day and Avril Lavigne did have a large proportion.

4. What type of performance do you prefer?
There was a majority of both. Telling us people like narrative and performance based videos.

5. What do you tend to see in these types of videos?

Rnb/Hiphop: see a woman and a man sexualised appeal, most usually portrayed in a rich and glamorous way.

Indie/electronic: upbeat, fast cuts and most usually a band in there.

6. Why do you prefer that particular type of performance? This question was aimed at the people who answered indie/electronic in question 2. They thought I liked how the artists used the instruments and the fast beat made the jump around (performance based). Narrative adds depth to the video and lures the audience into watching it till the end of the video.

7. Do you prefer balck and white videos or colour? The vast amount of people who answered this question all said it depended on the genre and tone of the music being listened to. However others said black and white seemed to old fashioned. (Hopefully we can take this negative feedback and work on it so the video will be interesting)

8. Were these questions easy to understand and answer? and was it sucessful? Everyone replied saying yes.

In my opinion I believe this activity of handing out these questionnaires to people I knew was useful to us. This was because it gave us a greater insight into other people's opinion and and showed us wheter the people around us will enjoy the type of music we have chosen for our coursework. Seeing as the majority like Electronic/ Indie this choice of The Ghost Frequency is perfect.

Music video permission/ reply

Here's a copy of the letter we sent to City Rockers, who are the current Record Label and current copyright holders of the song by The Ghost Frequency.

We hope to hear back from them soon.
Even if e do not hear a response from them, we will still go ahead with this song choice. However if the record label does contact us refusing the right to use their song, only then will we have to start again and use another song.


Their official website has been closed down however there are other website
2) link


Well it's six o'clock and v-v-v-vampire in the middle of the night.
Sweeping through blackness like a cape held under the sighs

Well it covered your body it was pulling you in, so I kicked and I screamed and I sank my teeth in.
You cried get off me, get off me, get off me please, but I drowned you out I was trapped inside the.

The nightmare, nightmare, oh the nightmare, nightmare.

We felt the blood stop, we saw the lights turn on, you felt my heartbeat and help me til the nightmares gone. We felt the blood stop, we saw the lights turn on

With my head on your lap you sat crying as I tried to explain, the tears from your eyes whisper sorrows my face looked ashamed, ashamed, ashamed, ashamed.

Oh it covered your body it was pulling you in, so I kicked and I screamed and I sank my teeth in.
I said I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for this oh please forgive me...

We felt the blood stop, we saw the lights turn on, you felt my heartbeat and help me til the nightmares gone. We felt the blood stop, we saw the lights turn on

We felt the blood stop x3
We felt the, we felt the...
We felt the blood stop x3
We felt the, we felt the...

We felt the blood stop, we felt the blood stop...

We, nailed, the shirts to the wall we kiss goodbye we're chemical...
We nailed the shelves to the wall we kiss goodnight and...

We felt the blood stop, we saw the lights turn on, you felt my heartbeat and help me til the nightmares gone. We felt the blood stop, we saw the lights turn on

We felt the blood stop x3
We felt the, we felt the...

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Choosen song

As in the coursework we was now allowed to use copyrighted songs our possibilities were endless and as a group we went threw all of our Ipods but we still could not decide on our final song.
Initially we did choose the song 'Insomnia' by Faithless but through planning we realised this song was an Anthem and was not original enough. So we changed our ways of thinking and decided what type of "mood" of video we wanted to do (the dark and alone feel) so we went on to and typed nightmares and after going threw the list of songs we came across a song, as a group we had never heard of this song, but after talking to our peers we began to hear it is known but was not very popular.

The band is called The Ghost Frequency. The song is titled Nightmare.
We never found a version of this video where it starts straight into the song so we are assuming the 'beep' noise at the front of the video is apart of it.
However when we started to edit our video we realised it was possible to cut the 'beep' noise at the beginning of the song on the program final cut.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Initial ideas

At the start of the activity, Louise, Lucy and I brain stormed for many lessons, which type of genre we wanted to aim our music video towards. Today in the Music Industry there are many genres. These types of genres and melodies associated with them influence the way the video is produced.

Initially, as a group we chose to shoot what is referred to in the industry as a "happy go lucky" type of video which involves the use of brightly coloured props and flashing lights. Having considered this we decided on the song music "LDN" by Lily Allen

However when we tried to think of ideas on how we would utilize this song, we realised that our original ideas would produce an effort too similar to the original and so we quickly revised our decision and agreed to use the song music "Oh My God" by Lily Allen featuring Mark Ronson.

With this song as a stimulus we debated many ideas. We first thought we could film in the location around Lucys bedroom at homes as it is brightly lit and is distinctly feminine. The initial shot would be of her feet slowing stepping out of the bath tub in the bathroom and walking towards the bedroom in a towel wrapped around her body. At this point her face still would not been revealed to the audience, throughout the introduction of the song she would have been painting her nails, drying herself, taking clothes out to wear for the night out and generally dancing around the room. Louise's face still would have not been shown to the audience until on the 43rd second of the song where she becomes "face on" with camera with her wet hair flipped over her face, on the 45th second of the song, when Lily Allen starts to sing, she would then flip back her wet hair revealing her full face and there would be a change in her surroundings. From the comfort bright lights and intimacy of her bedroom to the cold city streets. There now has been a complete transformation. Her hair is arranged and dressed, fashionably attired and fully made up.

However during our initial ideas one team member was not very certain on this song choice and thought our ideas would not make an impact on the audience. So as a group we decided to change this song once again and start with a different perspective and choose a new song music.


G324 Advanced Portfolio in Media

The production element and presentation of research, planning and evaluation may be individual or group work (in this case we have chosen a group of 3; Louise Barwell, Lucy Simonds and I Fahmina Ali). If you work in a group, the evidence for assessment may be presented collectively but I will still assess you on an individual basis for your contribution to aspects of the work, from planning, research and production to evaluation.


For this brief, you will need to produce:
a media portfolio, comprising a main and ancillary texts;
a presentation of your research, planning and evaluation in electronic format(s)
The portfolio will be produced through a combination of two or more of the following media

  • Video
  • Print
  • Web-based
  • Audio
  • Games Software


As at AS this unit it marked out of 100.

  • Planning and Research (20)
  • Construction (20)
  • Evaluation (60)


T H I S.. B L O G . . .

Over time this blog will become some what like my personal account as well as a public display of what me and my group (Louise and Lucy) have done towards the music video. It will hopefully have regular updates of discussions we have made through out the production.